Dear Dr. Kaan,
Thank you very much for curing my sciatic leg pain and scheduling my surgery so quickly after my exam. I still cannot believe that I walked out of the Spine Care Center of Hawai`i with absolutely no pain after suffering for months with the most severe pain I experienced in my life. I guess that’s the miracle of modern medicine. I am so grateful that I was referred to you. I realized I had to find an option after ending up in the emergency room and wanting to go back just three days later. Rotating the various painkillers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory medications every 2 hours was so bad for my health but being in extreme pain I had no other option. I really started getting concerned after completely losing my appetite and my vision started getting blurred. Since my surgery, I have not taken a single pill and my vision has returned to normal.
Not being able to drive sit, walk, or lift my leg to get into bed was an experience I will never forget. It was so scary thinking this is what the rest of my life will be like? Sure made me rethink the priorities in my life and made me so thankful for my wife and family. My coworkers could not believe it when I walked in the following workday and I have not missed a day since!
Please also relay my appreciation to the staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist at the Spine Care Center of Hawai`i. They were outstanding both personally and professionally providing me with the best of care!
Thanks again!
— Trent H.
Dear Dr. Kaan,
Thank you so very, very much for taking such great care of me! I really appreciate all your efforts, kindness, wisdom, and expertise. You are amazing.
First to even accept me as your patient...was a shocker, because I thought no other doctor would ever touch me! Then for you to actually listen and follow through with all my concerns was special and really made me feel like a rock star! I thought my other doctors were good but you stand out. I felt like royalty. The Rehab of the Pacific was also a great place to get healthy and be strong.
I am walking straighter and feeling less pain! Doing everything I can to make this surgery my last. You are simply amazing, words cannot express my true utmost appreciation!
Thank you to you and your girls in office who are so helpful and supportive to you and your patients.
— Lois S.
Dr. Kenneth Kaan, because of you being the expert surgeon you are, you have given me my life back. Thank you.
— Theresa R.
Dear Dr. Kaan, Happy New Year! I’m relieved that the scoliosis surgery is now behind me and I was able to overcome the obstacles during surgery. I continue to pray for a complete recover and successful fusion of my spine. Thank you for being a caring, diligent doctor throughout my “scoliosis journey.” I thank God for providing me with such a skilled surgeon. I am very pleased with the results of the surgery, and my family and friends are just amazed at my new physique! May 2016 bring joy and good health to you and your family. With heartfelt gratitude.
— Wendy C.
My scoliosis condition was worsening to the point where I had a 75 degree curve in my spine. I am a teenager and knowing my condition was worsening, my mother and I knew it had to be corrected. I received four separate opinions, all recommending surgery. I was worried about having surgery, but was convinced Dr. Kaan should perform my surgery, when the other physicians recommended Dr. Kaan and indicated they would send their children to him, if their child needed surgery. My surgery was a success and I was back to full activity within 2 months. Now I am a cheerleader at school and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Kaan for what you have done and I would recommend anyone needing back surgery, to have the surgery done by you!
— Heaven T.
I was referred to Dr. Kaan by my primary care physician due to ongoing pain in my back and down into my ankle. I am an avid hiker and I was unable to walk for more than 20 minutes due to the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Kaan was confident he could resolve my ongoing pain through surgery and he explained the surgical procedure clearly and concisely. I had surgery on December 13, 2013, was walking pain free in less than a month and went back to work within a month. I am 70 years old and back to hiking regularly, thanks to Dr. Kaan. I would give the highest recommendation of Dr. Kaan to anyone contemplating surgery.
— Hank G.
Aloha Dr. Kaan,
With all the hustle and bustle and many successes in my life these days, it’s hard to believe that I laid somewhat paralyzed from the neck down, awaiting surgery from you. If I was a doctor, I would love to hear from my patients, especially those whose surgery was a major success.
Following my surgery, I went back to the mainland to finish my degree in engineering. With my degree completed, I returned to Oahu to “goof around” and attend graduate school at UH, and my injury did not keep me away from returning to what I consider paradise.
Anyway, my accident, successful surgery and ability to overcome, has left me with an amazing attitude on life. I strive to do the best in all I do. I believe that when things get tough, that it could always be worse. I try to live my life, I mean really live, travel as much as possible, love with all my heart and cherish my family and friends, while embracing life and how fragile it is!!! All the Best.
— Yvonne M.
I was a hairdresser for 30 years, standing on my feet, many hours a day and I also enjoyed golfing during my free time. After golfing one day, my back became extremely painful and my PCP sent me to physical therapy to try to alleviate some of my back pain. When that did not work, I was referred to Dr. Kaan for surgical evaluation. Prior to my surgery, my pain level was an 8-10 and two days following my surgery, my pain level was a 1. A few months following my surgery, I was back golfing and I am capable of performing all my activities, virtually pain free. Dr. Kaan and the surgery he performed positively affected my quality of life. I tell everyone I know, if you are ever in need of back surgery, Dr. Kaan is the one and only doctor I would trust. Thank you Dr. Kaan!
— Rose S.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child and was treated at Shriner’s Hospital for two years. Of those two years, I spent 19 months in a brace, as my scoliosis condition was quite severe. I was introduced to Dr. Kaan through Kaiser Permanente and he performed surgery to correct my condition about a week after my first visit with him. Dr. Kaan was very clear and very thorough in his explanation of the surgical procedure, but what impressed me most, was his confidence that surgery would be beneficial. I was a high school swimmer and a water polo player and three months later, I was back in the pool. I am now off to college to swim and play water polo at the collegiate level. My surgery was flawless and the results have been spectacular. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaan to anyone considering surgery. 5 out of 5 stars to Dr. Kaan!
— Katie D.
Twelve weeks ago, I was admitted to the hospital with a severe neck condition which resulted in the pinching of my spinal cord. I was unable to walk and unable to lift my arms and hands high enough to feed myself. The hospital called Dr. Kaan while he was golfing and he came straight to the hospital to examine me. He explained the surgical procedure very well, in a way I could understand and is very personable and easy to talk to. Now, 12 weeks later, I can walk, feed myself and do all my normal activities. Dr. Kaan did an amazing job and I would recommend him to anyone.
— Jan W.
I had a severe scoliosis condition which caused me to be hunched and crooked. I was in a lot of discomfort and pain and decided to go through with surgery. Despite my fear of the impending surgery, Dr. Kaan explained the procedure to me very clearly and I was comfortable with Dr. Kaan performing the surgery. Before my surgery, I was 4’8” tall, and I have gained four inches in height since my surgery and now I am 5 feet tall. My surgery was definitely a success and Dr. Kaan is a wonderful surgeon, for whom I have the highest praise. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaan to anyone needing back surgery.
— Gail M.